Reaching Generation “Next”
This powerful keynote or workshop takes a research-based look at trends in the youth culture and strategies that can be utilized to touch these future leaders. Packed with data, humor and heart, participants will get a big dose of hope and practical methodologies to impart both knowledge and motivation to this next generation.

Developing an Extreme Makeover for Balanced Living
• Creating Balance in Your Life
• Success Strategies for Today’s World
• Mission-Driven Life Planning™
We develop mission statements for our work life, but seldom bother to develop and implement mission statements for our personal lives. This keynote or workshop will empower participants to create a meaningful game plan for balancing the many competing forces that demand our attention.

Relational Keys to Working with Difficult People
This keynote or workshop is a heartfelt look at the dynamics of working with people that are not quite as perfect as we are. Participants will explore practical tools important for drawing out the best in other people, regardless of their personality or motivation. A must presentation for leaders, supervisors and organizations seeking to build positive team dynamics.