“Jim Cartmill is an inspirational, entertaining speaker whose message to all staff members was very well received. I invited Jim to speak to my administrative team and he did so well that I invited him back to speak to the entire staff. His speech was the perfect way to start the school year; upbeat and captivating.”
–Greg Ryan, Superintendent, Mountain Empire School District

“In the business world, we need people who can bridge the gap between the bottom line and giving employees a sense of purpose in their work and personal lives. Jim Cartmill has demonstrated the ability to do both throughout his career.”
–Dan McKinnon Former Chair, National Aeronautics Board in the Reagan Administration; President, North American Airlines - New York

“Jim, your evaluations at the end of the inservice were as I suspected, rave reviews! ...”Informative”, “enjoyable”, “meaningful”, “captivating”, “right on the money”, “humorous”, “a bulls eye”.
–Del Mar Union School District Classified Inservice Training

“The conference attendees said that what they found most useful was Jim Cartmill’s presentation. The evaluations were uniformly excellent! The highest praise of all – the participants want Jim Cartmill back!”
–Administrator’s Management Conference

“Your empathy for teachers, your wonderful sense of humor, your fun ability to laugh at yourself, were all most evident, and your presentation skills were excellent too. You had us all in the palm of your hand, laughing and crying on cue! You are an awesome speaker who gave us the "shot of inspiration" we needed to finish our year with a smile on our faces and the love for kids in our hearts!”
–Janet Mulder , Mentor Teacher Coordinator, Jamul Dulzura Union School District

“Jim was terrific!  He set the tone for the entire weekend.  I would have to rank this meeting as one of the best at getting everyone focused on their roles and responsibilities.” 
– Rich Arnitz, Vice President, SunAmerica